Monday, November 28, 2016

1996 Atlanta Xerox Countdown Pin - Day 11

1996 Atlanta Xerox Countdown Pin

This is an enamel pin from the Xerox company. It is a countdown pin and this one is for day 11 of the games. It features a pictorial of  Olympians runner, bicycle, gymnast. Large number 11 on bottom right side in blue and green. A small green rectangle atop say Atlanta 1996 in gold on green with Olympic torch. At top is a red and gold XEROX. There is as little small bar that side says 30.7.1996 in red on gold. The back is gold textured pattern TM, the copyright logo 1992 ACOG. The second line says HO HO NYC and below that says CHINA.

Approx. 1" x  1 3/8" Pin Back

$8.00 - Available - NEW

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