Saturday, February 13, 2010

1976 Denver Bid City Pin

1976 Bid Pin

1976 Denver Bid City Pin.

Enameled small pin for the 1976 bid to host Denver Colorado. The pin says DENVER in light blue at top against gold background. Then a large 76 in gold against red background. The bottom has the five Olympic rings against a light blue background. The back of the pin is smooth gold with no markings.

Approx. 1/2" x 5/8" Pin Back

$15.00 - Available - NEW

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  1. The 1976 DENVER Olympic Winter Games pin has an interesting history It is not merely a BID pin .... the XII Olympic Winter Games were actually awarded to the city of DENVER and the Denver Organizing Committee was fast at work preparing to host them !
    AS the Games drew nearer, a combination of factors were at work. The 1972 US Presidential election looked like a sure win for the re-election of Richard Nixon. So Colorado Democratic candidates on the ballot needed a local issue to bring out voters . Since the 1972 Olympic games in MUNICH had just been disrupted by terrorists, Colorado Democrats organized a campaign to forfiet the hosting hostng rights of the 1976 Olympic Winter Games.

    Prior to this development,proud Colorado resident Astronaut Jack SWIGERT made the choice of modifying the accepted tradition of APOLLO Astronauts of bring along on the missions a few rolls of U S dimes that would be given to theis good friends and other deserving people . Swaggert chose to bring along with him a few packets of the Denver Olympic pins to serve the same purpose as the previous Astronauts dimes had. So any one who has one of those pins in their collection has a real treasure .